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Useful hot tub Infromation

What is the recommended bathing temperature?

The recommend bathing temperature is 39ºC. Due to personal preference, some people may prefer it warmer or colder.

Can I use salt or seawater?

Although sea water can be used, adding salt to tap water will not create sea water conditions and is not a substitute for antibacterial chemicals. Bathing salts can be added in moderate amounts. Read the product instructions carefully and use sparingly. Excess salt may damage certain hot tub components. The salinity level should not exceed 0,1% (1 kg per 1000L).

Can I add chlorine?

Yes, every Hammond hot tub is made with high-quality materials that are resistant to chlorine and other antibacterial.

How do I fill the hot tub?

Filling the hot tub is as simple as placing your garden hose over the edge of the hot tub.

The filling time can vary quite a bit depending on the water pressure of the garden hose used. The most effective way to find out is to use a timer and assess the time it takes to fill a 1L container. To calculate the filling time, simply multiply the result by the volume capacity of the clearwater model and size you are interested in, bearing in mind that the hot tub is usually only filled to 75% capacity when used.

How long can I use the same water?

A wood-fired hot tub is traditionally emptied of water and cleaned after every use for hygienic reasons. However, many customers use the same bathing water for a few days by applying certain best practices i.e. taking a quick shower beforehand, adding chlorine or similar antibacterial agents, and keeping a lid or cover on the hot tub in-between sessions.

Alternatively, the clearwater filtration system allows you to keep the same bathing water for multiple weeks.


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