Vitality Spa

The mosaic tiled vitality spas can offer varied levels of seating and loungers to enable users the choice of sitting, standing or lounging.

Vitality spas can have unique water features added to intensify the relaxing experience of its users. We can accommodate any project’s design as these spas can be fitted as a skimmer spa, deck level spa or even with an infinity edge.

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Standard Sizes & Shapes

  • 4.0M x 3.5M Vitality Spa - Rectangular with one round end - One Piece

  • 4.5M x 3.5M Vitality Spa - Rectangular - One Piece

  • 5.5M x 3.5M Vitality Spa - Rectangular - One Piece

We can accommodate any bespoke size, shape or configuration


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Mosaic Tiles

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