Swim Spa

Equipped with a counter current unit, the swim spa enables bathers to swim continuously in position without the need for a full-length pool, whilst also including a seated spa section dedicated to relaxation.

A mosaic tiled swim spa can be installed as either a skimmer, deck level spa or infinity edge giving the variety and ability to blend with the rest of the spa or pool area as needed.

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Standard Sizes & Shapes

  • 4.5M x 2.4M Pill Shape or Rectangle

  • 5M x 2.4M Pill Shape or Rectangle

  • 5.5M x 2.4M Pill Shape or Rectangle

  • 6M x 2.4M Pill Shape or Rectangle

  • All Swim Spas inc. stainless steel jet, body & faceplate

We can accommodate any bespoke size, shape or configuration


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Mosaic Tiles

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Balance Tanks

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