Skimmer Spa

The body of water within a skimmer/freeboard spa usually sits 100mm to 150mm below the highest edge of the spa, although this is all dependent on the design.

As all of our mosaic tiled skimmer/freeboard spas are built to our client’s exact specifications, this allows us to add loungers or seating that perfectly match the curvature and height of the spa users, resulting in unrivalled relaxation.

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Standard Sizes & Shapes

  • 2M Round or Square Spa

  • 2.2M Round or Square Spa

  • 2.4M Round or Square Spa

  • 2.25M Octagonal Spa

  • 3M x 2M Oval Spa

  • 2M x 2.2M Rectangular Spa

  • 2.2M x 2.6M Rectangular Spa

We can accommodate any bespoke size, shape or configuration


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Mosaic Tiles

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