Turn vision into reality with a beautiful oak frame building from Hammond Home & Leisure Oak Buildings.

Hammond Home & Leisure Mosaic Pools & Spas

Our design team combines years of architectural, engineering and computer aided design (CAD) experience.

We provide all clients with a precise representation of size and fitting of the spa or pool with our 2-D working drawings. These highlight layout plans and sections to provide all technical information required.

Skimmer Spas

Skimmer / freeboard Spas use a skimmer system that works as filtration for the low lying water.

Deck-Level Spa

Deck level / Overflow spas see the water level with the highest edge of the spa or overflowing into a channel around the spas edge.

Hydrotherapy Spa

Hydrotherapy spas are designed to help with a therapeutic physiotherapy regime.

Vitality Spa

Vitality spas offer a full body relaxation treatment through the use of various massage jets.

Plunge Pool

Plunge pools tend to be smaller, cooler pools for regulating temperature after exercise or heat treatments.

Swim Spa

Swim Spas are fitted with counter current units and are often alternatives to full length swimming pools for keen swimmers.

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