30th Apr
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Your garden is the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, play a game of catch with the kids, social events, time with you pets or an evening of stargazing– and that’s never been more true than right now with all the craziness going on.


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Whilst travel plans to go abroad and nearly all other activities of our “normal lives” on hold for now, the garden and outdoor space at home has become the “go-to” leisure destination. Spending so much more time our in our gardens or backyard area you may be thinking or wanting to upgrade your garden have new plans for how you wish for it to look.


So, where to start? If you’re a Hammond Home and Leisure spa owner, you’re in luck!No photo description available.


Our hot tubs feature modern cabinet designs and gorgeous color schemes, with sparkling water features and colorful mood lighting.

Just add some landscaping and a few accessories, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a stunning backyard focal point.


BONUS! we can plan your new landscaping ideas for you and give you the best view from our 3d drawings!


Need inspiration? We’ve put together some backyard hot tub ideas for you:


Chances are there’s at least one area of your backyard that could benefit from some TLC. Don’t put small projects off. Repainting or replacing old patio furniture, replanting flower beds, or simply finding a way to neatly store spa chemicals and gardening supplies are all quick, easy fixes. You’ll feel great when your project is done – and you’ll enjoy a better view from your hot tub.


Next time you’re soaking in your hot tub, look around and think about how you might improve the experience. Is there something blocking your view of the mountains or stars? A simple tree trimming can clear the way, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of nature. If it’s privacy you’re seeking, strategically placed shrubs, a canopy, or a pergola can provide both shade and the coverage you need to fully enjoy your outdoor oasis. Installing a backyard fountain provides zen-like ambiance, and helps block noise too – the flowing water will muffle the sound of dogs barking and passing cars.


Inside and out, accessories are the easiest way to bring a splash of color and add personality to your space. Give existing patio furniture a fresh new look with colorful throws and pillows and add natural accents like decorative rocks and potted plants. Scented candles or string lights are an affordable way to add a lovely glow.

If you’re ready to take on a major renovation or just looking for a simple backyard project to spruce up your space, there’s an idea to fit every budget. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!