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Best hot tub 2022: What to know before you take the plunge

1. MSpa Silver Cloud: The best budget hot tub

The MSpa Silver Cloud is the cheapest hot tub in our list – which you’ll immediately notice in the fact that it’s inflatable. While it will never take permanent pride of place in your garden, having a hot tub that can be tucked away clearly has its advantages. The MSpa can be packed down during the off season allowing you to avoid having to maintain it during the cooler months. It features an inbuilt control box with one button inflation, a heater that maintains a comfortable 40°C water temperature and 118 bubbling jets. The MSpa Silver Cloud is an excellent choice if you only anticipate using your hot tub sporadically – and if you fancy spontaneously wowing your party guests. Key specsSize: 180 x 180 x 70 cm; Weight: 23kg; Max water volume: 700 litres; Capacity: 4

2. Canadian Spa Company Calgary: The best for hydrotherapy

The Canadian Spa Calgary is definitely a top contender if you want a set of reliable features – and it’s a smart-looking tub to boot. It packs four adjustable hydro-massage seats, a backlit waterfall, an aromatherapy system, mood lighting and comes with a hard top cover. As the Calgary hot tub is part of Candian Spa’s Plug & Play it can also be plugged directly into a standard household socket without the need of an electrician. With space to accommodate up to four people, the Calgary hot tub is ideal for enjoying with friends and family Key specs – Size : 213 x 160 x 79cm; Weight: 230kg; Max water volume: 700 litres; Capacity: 4

3. Canadian Spa Company Yukon: The best for couples

The Canadian Spa Yukon is a smaller-scale hot tub that’s ideally suited to couples. It features a slimline design that’ll be appreciated by those with limited outdoor space – but doesn’t skimp on the specs. The Yukon is fitted with a pair of hydro-massage jet seats, 16 hydro-massage jets and an aromatherapy system. There’s also underwater lighting, a backlit waterfall and an in-built audio system. If you’re looking for a full-sized hot tub experience in a more compact package then look no further. Key specs – Size: 74 x 100 x 213 cm; Weight: 140kg; Max water volume: 455 litres; Capacity: 2

4. Canadian Spa St. Lawrence Swim Spa: The best for parties

The highest-priced hot tub on our list. Yes, you may be spending more on the St. Lawrence Swim Spa than you did on your last car – but when you see its capacious size and its array of features, you’ll understand why. The St. Lawrence features seven hydro-massage seats, including a laying position seat and 66 massage jets. This hot tub’s standout feature, however, is its spacious open area that can accommodate an additional eight bathers or, most notably, an active swimmer. The St. Lawrence packs five high powered swim current jets that allow it to be used for endurance swimming. These adjustable jets provide a consistent adjustable current allowing you to swim endlessly before relaxing in one of the hydro-massage seats. As you’d expect at this price point the St. Lawrence is kitted out with a generous set of features including an in-built sound system, aromatherapy integration, a full lighting kit and Canadian Spa’s automatic cleaning system. If you’re looking to entertain your entire social circle and you have the cash to splash, this is the one for you. Key specs – Size: 500 x 137 x 228 cm; Weight: 1,140kg; Max water volume: 6,475 litres; Capacity: 15

5. Intex Octagonal Pure Spa: The best for bubble therapy

This is another inflatable hot tub, but one that packs more punch in terms of its jet system with a total of 140 heated bubble jets lining its interior. The Pure Spa’s built-in control panel allows you to adjust the temperature from 20C to 40C, while its cover will keep the inside protected from the elements. It also has a hard-water treatment system. Thanks to the Fiber-Tech material, it’s highly durable and will survive light knocks and scratches, but will also comfortably support you while you’re sat inside. Key specs – Size: 201 x 201 x 71 cm/216 x 216 x 71 cm; Weight: 40-43kg; Max water volume: 795-1098 litres; Capacity: 4-6

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